Welcome to The Heavy Edition


The Heavy Edition is a (almost) daily collection of music. Plain and simple. It was started by me, Matthew Lettini, in 2008 looking for a way to keep an archive on all the new music and music-related material flooding the market today. But I also wanted to share this collection with the rest of the community. At first I was going to create a blog, but there’s so many out there that I felt it unnecessary.

THE started as a weekly collection of any new bands or music videos or articles I had found, put out into issues every Monday. Now in Version 2, The Heavy Edition is updated whenever a new post is found. It gets the word out faster, as well as allowing for more flexibility on finding posts. Then there are archive/filters for just viewing bands/audio, video, or articles. These become great databases for new music and music videos. Highly bookmarkable.

I also have a Suggestion feature… basically a THE gmail. I can’t find all the music out there, so would like the communities help. Of course, the site sorta runs on my music taste, so keep that in mind, but I’m highly eclectic.

Update: Version 3 is out! – I’ve updated the design of the site, and added search functionality. Enjoy =)

The best way to follow The Heavy Edition is via our RSS feed or our Twitter account. I will inform of new bands from time to time on Twitter, and also love the communities involvement. I even share what I enjoy but doesn’t make it onto the site.

So thanks for checking out the site. Bookmark it or grab the RSS feed, and follow us on Twitter. Also if this is your first time here, check out the older posts for some great music you might have missed. And also a big thanks to Chris Kalani of YayEverday for his initial help.

– Matthew Lettini. All images © their respective owners.